Zero Tolerance

Parsonage Surgery in line with other NHS providers upholds a strict Zero Tolerance Policy on all abusive and aggressive behaviour. Our staff follow guidelines in relation to appointments / contact with patients as set by the Surgery, any abuse, bad language, aggression or violence directed at our team will not be tolerated.

Removal of patients from Parsonage Surgery list:

Having informed an individual patient and discussed the circumstances either verbally or via letter, we would intend to remove a patient from our list for reasons listed below:

  • Living outside of our catchment area
  • Experienced irretrievable breakdown of the doctor / patient relationship
  • Exhibited violent or threatening behaviour to any practice staff
  • Exhibited rudeness / swearing to any practice staff
  • Persistently did not attend appointments without cancelling
  • Late cancellation of appointment, resulting in the appointment not being able to be offered to another patient.

There will be no appeal process

Abuse is not in a day's work we have the right to refuse treatment and take further action against anyone who threatens the safety of our staff and our patients

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