Private Non NHS work

Private referral letters - covered by your Insurance Company:

Once you have been seen by your GP & it is confirmed you require a referral letter, please contact your Insurance company to ascertain which Consultant & Hospital they are happy for you to be seen by. Then call the relevant hospital to ascertain when an appointment is available. Please then provide these details to us by calling our reception team or emailing

Our Secretaries can then type the referral letter & forward to the relevant hospital ready for your appointment. Some Consultants may be happy to see you before the letter is received & we can then forward the referral once it has been typed. Please allow 7 to 10 working days for completion of letters/forms.

Doctor’s signature requests:

Please be advised that the Doctor is not able to certify identity to those registered with us – even for a fee.

A Doctor’s signature for ANY private work is chargeable to the requesting party.

Private Charges Information:

Private work carried out by the GP’s is not part of their GMS contract or classed as an essential service and therefore is chargeable at rates set by each GP Practice. Work is accepted at their discretion.GP’s are under no obligation to complete private work and fees are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Full payment needs to be made at Reception before your appointment can be booked / letter typed - Cash or Cheque, (Cheques made payable to 'Parsonage Surgery').

No appointments will be made or letters dictated & typed without prior payment.

Once payment is received by our reception team, please then allow 7 to 10 working days for completion of letters/forms - our staff will advise you when work requested is ready to collect.

The cost will be a minimum of £30 and can exceed £150. Please bear this in mind before making your request and please do not expect the GP to process forms/requests overnight - if you require work completed within a short timescale this will result in an increased fee.

Please note:

All patients who request taxi medicals or any appointment where forms are to be completed, that it is your responsibility to complete any sections relevant to you on the form before coming to see the GP.

These forms should not be emailed to us or left at our reception desk without your sections completed. There is not time in the appointment for the GP to wait for you to complete your section & then have the GP section completed - please bear this in mind as failure to do so will delay completion.

Prices are subject to change & timescales dependant on staffing levels.

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