Prescriptions & Repeat Dispensing

Electronic Prescriptions:

Most prescriptions are now signed, sent and processed electronically

Electronic prescriptions help save the NHS money. You will receive your prescriptions in the same way as you do now.

Read more about EPS on the NHS website

Don’t get caught out without your prescription medicine

If you rely on regular medication, make sure you get your repeat prescription request in, in good time. The turn-around time for routine repeat medicines is usually 48 hours, however may take up to a week, so allow for this. Make sure you don’t run out over a weekend or a bank holiday.

To get a repeat prescription, please:

Use the NHS app or Systmonline to make a request alternatively you can use the repeat medication slip from your last prescription, then either drop it into your pharmacy or at our reception desk.

Any queries, contact our reception team directly during their opening times to discuss how to access your repeat prescription.

  • If you regularly get the same prescription medicines, ask your GP about electronic repeat dispensing. This is where you will not need to contact your GP practice every time you need a repeat prescription. Instead, you can go directly to your nominated pharmacy for an agreed period of time.
  • If your GP Practice is closed and you have run out of medication, please contact your local pharmacy for advice.

As a last resort only, NHS 111 will supply emergency repeat medications during the out of hours period. However, this will only be done in clinically exceptional circumstances. You are likely to only get a limited number of days’ supply depending on the medication and will need to arrange your medicines again via your GP practice.

Please help us help you by ordering your medicines in good time.

Over the counter medications - click link below:

A GP, nurse or pharmacist will generally not give you a prescription for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for a range of minor health conditions.

This is because of government policy to reduce the amount of money the NHS spends on prescriptions for treating minor conditions that usually get better on their own.

Why can't I get a prescription for an over the counter medicine? - NHS (

Have you asked your Pharmacist? - click link below:

How your pharmacy can help - NHS (

Visit a pharmacy close to you to receive clinical advice and prompt treatment for common minor illnesses, like eye infections, earaches and itchy skin. If symptoms suggest something more serious, pharmacists have the right training to direct you to the help you need. Find your local pharmacy here:

At the pharmacy, you can also get advice on taking new medicines or receive guidance on changes to your prescribed medication after leaving hospital - find out more about what your pharmacy can do for you here:

Pharmacists are experts in the use of medicines, managing minor illnesses and providing health and wellbeing advice. So, for NHS services, convenient access to medicines, support for healthy living and prompt clinical advice, 'Ask Your Pharmacist'!

March 2020 - Repeat Electronic Dispensing Prescriptions Service

Dear Patient

Re: Repeat Electronic Dispensing Prescriptions Service

Due to the current circumstances and pressures on the NHS, NHS England has advised to change the way you currently order your regular medication. Your GP or healthcare practitioner will issue a repeat dispensing prescription which will have a number of prescription issues on it e.g. a minimum of 3 months of medication to be collected monthly. This “batch” of prescriptions will be sent electronically to your existing nominated pharmacy. This means that you simply collect your regular medication from your usual pharmacy without having to order it each month.

If you wish to change your pharmacy later; you can ask the new pharmacy to set your nomination with them. Your regular medication will then be available at that pharmacy.

When your pharmacy supplies your last electronic repeat prescription, they will inform you. You will then have to contact your GP practice to ask for another set of electronic repeat prescriptions. You may need to be seen for a review before another batch of electronic repeat dispensing prescription is authorised.

It is important to let your pharmacist know if you are taking any other medicines or if your medical condition changes. If you have any questions about your medicines, ask at the pharmacy, they will be happy to help you.

If you consent to this, you do not need to do anything as the practice has set this up for you using your current preferred pharmacy, however if you feel this is not suitable or you have any concerns or questions regarding this change please contact the surgery as soon as possible.

For further information and a step by step guide as to how this works please refer to information below. Should you have any questions or concerns please do contact your surgery.



If you have received a text from the surgery saying your prescription has been moved to this method of ordering you do not need to do anything and can go to STEP 2.

For patients who wish to move to eRD:

Talk to your healthcare practitioner prescriber and ask them if you can move to Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD). If your prescriber regards you to be eligible, your permission will be requested to share information about your treatment with your nominated pharmacy (any pharmacy which dispenses NHS medication). This enables your pharmacist to communicate to your prescriber about your treatment and the ability to provide you with tailored advice. Your prescriber will then authorise a number of eRD prescriptions (to cover a determined number of months). The duration will be based on your circumstances and clinical need.


Request and collect your first eRD prescription from your chosen pharmacy.


When you need your next month’s prescription, contact your pharmacy / go back to your pharmacy to request and collect.

Your pharmacy will ask you the following questions prior to issuing you your medications:

  • Have you seen any health professionals (GP, nurse or hospital doctor), since your last repeat prescription was supplied and has your health conditions changed?
  • Have you recently started taking any new medicines – either on prescription or that you have bought over the counter?
  • Have you been having any problems with your medication or experiencing any side effects?
  • Are there any items on your repeat prescription that you don’t need this month?

Please inform the pharmacy of only the medications you need, so they can issue what you require. This will aid waste reduction and save NHS resources.

If you have any questions about your medicines, just ask at the pharmacy; they’ll be happy to help you.


When your pharmacy supplies your last prescription, they will advise you to contact your GP practice to arrange for your medication to be reviewed and if it is clinically appropriate to issue another eRD prescription.

Should you have any other questions or concerns regarding this process please contact your Surgery or Pharmacy.

We are now using the Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from. Please let your pharmacy know if you would like to use this service or let us know directly.

Click here for information on EPS.

Your doctor may decide to put some or all of your medication on a 'REPEAT' prescription. This will allow you to re-order your medication when you run low without booking a doctor's appointment. If your medication is not on repeat, you will need to discuss this with your doctor who will then decide whether to reissue your medication or may speak to you over the phone first.

We do not accept repeat medication requests over the phone. Please ensure you request your medication in plenty of time.

You can order repeat medication in the following ways:

  • Electronic Prescription Service - please nominate a pharmacy with our receptionist or speak with your pharmacist who can action this for you
  • Online via SystmOnline
  • Email:
  • Postbox
  • via Lloyds / Williamsons / Hobbs / Trinity / Yogi as your nominated chemist, producing your repeat prescription slip to the Pharmacist.

Please note: the easiest and safest way to order your prescriptions is online via the Electronic Prescription Service & SystmOnline.

Repeat medication can be requested via your nominated listed Pharmacy or by dropping your repeat request via post or at our reception.

Please do not request your prescription via phone.

Repeat prescriptions should be requested in good time. We aim for all routine requests to be processed within 48 hours (two working days) of receipt at the surgery. Sign up for EPS & your prescription will be sent electronically to the nominated pharmacy with no courier collection required or we offer a number of options for the collection of completed paper scripts:

  • Send direct to Williamsons, Lloyds, Trinity, Hobbs or Yogi chemists (please note this will be dependent on the specific pharmacy and their collection timings) - many local pharmacies are able to offer a FREE Repeat Collection and Delivery Service. Please contact them directly for further information.

  • Patient collection from surgery reception within our opening times

  • Post to patients home address (stamped addressed envelopes must be provided to reception in advance)

Prescription requests for antibiotics to be kept 'just in case' whilst you are on holiday will need to be discussed with the GP on duty, please speak with our reception team and note a charge will be levied.

Please Note:

We will not fax a prescription & not all medication is available on repeat request.  Speak to our reception team if you require assistance.

Can my GP refuse to give me a prescription that my consultant asked them to provide?

Yes, your GP may refuse because the person who signs the prescription is legally liable for the prescribing and the consequent effects of that drug.

Online Prescriptions

Online prescription requesting is the easiest and quickest way to manage your repeat medication. We recommend that you come and collect your password to access this service from reception. This password will also allow you access to make, amend and cancel appointments online and is simple to use.

Due to patient confidentiality and data protection each adult must collect their own password from the reception team. Children's passwords can be issued to parents or legal guardians.

Click on the link below to access SystmOnline.


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