Immunisation Vaccination Service

The Community & School Aged Immunisation Service (CSAIS)

The contact details for parents wishing to make enquiries for vaccination schedules in schools, advice about the vaccination programmes or to book an appointment for missed immunisations is:


The main school aged immunisations are HPV, MenACWY and DTP, but the teams also deliver other programmes, as listed below:

Hertfordshire Community Trust can assist with:

  • 12-15 Covid programme
  • HCT 01727 732062 or email
  • Other School Aged immunisations inc. MMR catch up (except primary flu)
  • Hep B vaccination for babies born to hep B infected mothers
  • BCG for under 1s (born on or after 1.9.2021)

Call: 01727 732062 or email 


Primary School Children Flu Vaccinations:

Call VaccUK 01462 341173 or email



Home schooled children, parents to contact: 01727 732062

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